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#215: Extra-Curricular with Sahil Patel

Sahil Patel says he was disillusioned with dentistry by his first year in dental school. But finding a dusty old scanner in the technician’s room at his university changed everything, igniting his curiosity to venture... Read More
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Mind Movers #12 — Dr Sunni

If you had a feeling in your gut that today’s podcast is for you, you’d be right.  Sunni Patel’s journey from optometrist to leading wellness, lifestyle and nutrition coach was the result of a brush... Read More
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#214: The Great British Dream with Craig Welling

FMC’s Craig Welling discusses his journey from sales rep to managing director at the leading dental communications organisation. Craig gives the lowdown on the equity-backed management buy-out at FMC, gives his view on the group’s... Read More
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Mind Movers #11 — Henry Wade

Fitness fashion and lifestyle content creator Henry Wade chats with Rhona about his journey to being a successful content creator and leading a life in the social spotlight.  Henry also chats about navigating controversy online,... Read More

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