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#248 The Outsider — Teki Sowdani

Payman chats with Instagram favourite Teki Sowdani, who shares his journey from his initial work experience to his time at Sheffield University.  He discusses growing up in Essex with Iraqi parents, and how this shaped... Read More
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Mind Movers #32 — Hunter Michael Shepard

This episode of Mind Movers features Hunter Michael Shepard, a recovery advocate and content creator who shares his personal journey through addiction and recovery. Hunter discusses his early experiences with drugs, starting at age 12... Read More
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#247 The Four Seasons of Dentistry — Todd Williams

Prav chats with Todd Williams, an expert in customer service and leadership training. Todd shares his unique journey from growing up around older adults to working in healthcare, then transitioning to the luxury hotel industry... Read More
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Mind Movers #31 — Yusra Al-Mukhtar

Payman and Rhona chat with award-winning facial aesthetician and dentist Dr Yusra Al-Mukhtar.  Yusra touches on her experiences growing up in the UK as a Muslim woman and the impact of her father’s return to... Read More

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