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111: Slow Learning with Tej Mell

This week’s episode starts with a content warning: When brewing tea, Tej Mell pours the milk first.   It’s just one of many tidbits the Yorkshire-based dentist lets us in on in a wide-ranging conversation covering... Read More
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110: Kaizen Monks – Balraj Sohal and Kris Vekaria

Almost fresh from dental school, this week’s guests are already sharing their work to help others learn. “We’re not teachers,” say Balraj (Bal) Sohal and Kris Vekaria, who set up the Kaizen learning resource to... Read More
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109: Solo Special: Context & Congruency

In this week’s solo episode, Prav talks about one of his favourite topics: Context and congruency in marketing. Using real-life examples from his open practices, he explains why establishing context and congruency matter throughout the... Read More
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108: Course Junkie – Jasmine Piran

If you’ve been busy banking CPD hours, you may be familiar with this week’s guest. Jasmine Piran is a self-confessed course junkie who’s made a move from pupil to teacher. She lets us in on... Read More

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