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141: Goodfella – Louis Mackenzie

If you’ve ever had the good luck of hearing one of Louis Mackenzie’s lectures, you’ll know you’re in for a treat: He’s one of the most engaging, entertaining and witty speakers on the circuit. Louis... Read More
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140: The Swan – Rajiv Ruwala

You wouldn’t know from it his calm demeanour, but Rajiv Ruwala is a busy guy. Things have always been that way for Rajiv, who purchased his first practice with his sister Aneeka before starting his... Read More
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139: Odd Tyke – Dominic O’Hooley

Listeners who heard Dominic O’Hooley’s last appearance on the podcast may remember that Dominic doesn’t do small talk. And he didn’t break the habit when sitting down to chat with Prav at the Association of... Read More
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138: Coming to America – Upen Patel

Payman takes a trip across the pond this week to chat with UK-born Upen Patel, who practices in Sacramento, California. They explore the differences between UK and US healthcare, education and culture, and Upen chats... Read More

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