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#246 Like and Subscribe — Faris Elsayad

Barely two years after graduating, Faris Elsayed already runs a successful startup and one of the profession’s most popular social channels.   He chats with Payman about his YouTube alter ego, Faris Dent, shares insights from... Read More
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Mind Movers #30 — Dr Onkar

If you follow the dentists of TikTok, you’ll be familiar with this week’s guest, Onkar Mudhar, whose relatable content has been setting the TikToksphere alight.  Dr Onkar chats with Payman and Rhona about the impact... Read More
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#245 Model Implantologist — Sumair Khan

Implantologist and dental educator Sumair Khan recounts his journey from childhood to becoming a respected figure in implant dentistry—with a little help from an Airfix model aeroplane. The discussion delves into the crucial role of... Read More
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Mind Movers #29 — Nilesh Parmar

This episode of Mind Movers features an intimate conversation with renowned dentist Nilesh Parmar. The discussion delves into Nilesh’s personal life and professional journey, exploring themes of success, relationships, and mental health in the dental... Read More

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