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107: The Ortho-Dentist – Josh Rowley

Here’s something you don’t find every day – a specialist orthodontist who’s still carrying out day-to-day cosmetic and restorative work. This week’s guest, Josh Rowley, explains how and why the two go together hand-in-hand and... Read More
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106: London Calling with Slaine McGrath

Prav and Payman are finally reunited this week to welcome Dr Slaine McGrath to the show. Spending too much time in the dentist’s chair can be enough to put youngsters off dentistry for life. But... Read More
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105: The Great Escape with Geoff Stone

The Great Escape with Geoff Stone “Follow your dreams,” says this week’s guest Geoff Stone – and no one could accuse him of failing to follow his own advice. In a tale with more twists... Read More
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104: A is for Action – Shazia Ahmed

For Shazia Ahmed, the fight for justice runs in the blood. In this week’s episode, she tells how values of fairness were instilled from an early age and how that led to taking on a... Read More

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